Action Alert: Are you concerned about tobacco? Marijuana? Powdered Alcohol?


TST's 2016 Statewide Summit August 3-4.
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Action Alert

Join us Aug. 3-4, 2016 at TST's Statewide Summit

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-Jennifer Cofer, MD Anderson Cancer Center, will draw on personal experience to teach coalitions how to fight for sustainable funding.

-Dr. Phil Gardiner, University of California Office of the President, will speak about the triangulum between tobacco, marijuana, and e-cigarettes.



-Michael Sparks, President of Sparks Initiatives, will discuss marijuana legalization, medical marijuana, and what communities can do in the face of the changing political landscape.

902f4c5e-251e-41ad-b1a3-b27554ff8a69-1Powdered Alcohol

-Nicole Holt, Chief Executive Officer of TST, will speak about the potential for powdered alcohol sales in Texas.

-Atalie Nitibhon, TST's Director of Research and Advocacy, will guide a break out session on how to educate others about the dangers of powdered alcohol.


2016 Statewide Summit

August 3-4, 2016

Texans Standing Tall's 2016 Statewide Summit is a two-day event bringing together national and state experts, the TST Youth Leadership Council, and summit participants to collaborate for substance use prevention and community change statewide. Texans Standing Tall is the statewide coalition where prevention comes together. Join us for change! Visit our website for more information.

Registration is easy! Register on our website before July 11, 2016 for only $125! Lunch and materials included.

Only one week left! TST's discounted group lodging rate of $129 a night expires July 5, 2016! Book today with the code "Texans Standing Tall" to get this discount!

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