Action Alert: Powdered Alcohol



Action Alert

Powdered Alcohol For Sale in Texas this Summer


What's the issue?
Powdered alcohol will officially hit the market in Texas this summer.

Why the concern?
Palcohol (powdered alcohol) is alcohol in a powdered form, sold in a 1 ounce packet that is the equivalent of a shot. Public health and safety experts are concerned that this product is easy to conceal, and that there is a potential for overconsumption, or even spiking other's drinks.
We know that these types of products have proven most popular among the heaviest drinking and more risk-prone youth and we are concerned that there will be an increase in underage binge drinking and alcohol poisoning after the product hits the shelves.


Why are we alerting you now?
HB 1018, a bill to ban powdered alcohol was introduced by State Representative Charlie Geren. Despite being scheduled for consideration by the full House of Representatives, Rep. Geren killed his own bill after speaking to "people in the industry" and deciding to wait and see what happens when the product is introduced in Texas.

What can you do? They heard from the industry. Did they hear from you?  It is critical that our decision makers hear from everyone on such important issues. To learn who represents you, click here.

To view a Powdered Alcohol fact sheet created by the Center on Alcohol Marketing and Youth, click here.

To read Texans Standing Tall's most recent interview on powdered alcohol and the prevalence of underage drinking in Texas, click here.

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